Quartz Countertops –


Quartz countertops are manufactured stone.  They are comprised of roughly 90-95% quartz material. The remaining material consists of resins and dyes to bind the quartz together and give it its specific color.  The result is a counter that is harder than granite and less subject to staining.

Top Quality Quartz Products

At Summit Granite we work only with top quality quartz such as Q-Quartz from MSI Stone and Ceasarstone.  This affords you a vast selection of colors to choose from without sacrificing on quality!

quartz countertops full backsplash

Quartz Counter Colors

Browse some examples of colors for your quartz counters. Also be sure to take advantage of our virtual kitchen visualizer to create your perfect combination of counters, cabinets, and backsplash.  When you find your color, contact us to get your project done right!